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Are you convinced that you don't have to throw everything away with every defect? We think so too, and fortunately more and more people think so. In most cases, you can save a lot of money with a repair and have less impact on the environment. Unfortunately, not every problem can be solved with a repair.

Today we would like to take a look at whether and how AirPods can be repaired. What problems are known with the headphones? What can you do about it and are there ways to prevent a defect? In the event that an AirPods repair is not possible in your case, we will also tell you how you can buy AirPods individually from us.

What are the known damages of AirPods?

Intense use and carelessness in usage behavior can lead to various types of damage to Apple headphones. It is often a matter of sound disturbances that occur either as noise or cracking noises or become noticeable through changes in volume. It may happen that only one AirPod becomes quieter.

The batteries are also susceptible to defects. Depending on how often and how you use your in-ears, you can prevent this. Ultimately, however, it must also be said that the battery is subject to wear and tear with continued use.

What are the ways to repair AirPods?

What can you do if you want to repair AirPods yourself due to a malfunction? We can only advise against opening the case yourself, as this is only possible if you destroy it. Unlike a bicycle or an older car, the fine electronics are not suitable for tinkering with yourself.

There are still a few things you can do yourself though. If you are lucky, you can fix the existing problem with this AirPods repair and use it again without any restrictions.

Check software

If you are having reception problems, you should ensure that the latest firmware is installed for both the headphones and your playback device. This can fix connection problems. You can also try using the AirPods with an alternative device to narrow down if the issue is with the headphones.

Also try to either disable or move out of range any other Bluetooth enabled devices. This way you can rule out a disruptive influence and come closer to deciding whether you need to buy an AirPod separately as a replacement.

Check the battery

Like any other battery, performance will degrade over time. This happens even if you follow the manufacturer's specifications for discharging and charging. In order to be able to listen to music again to the usual extent, it makes sense to simply replace the AirPods batteries. And here comes the bad news. This is not intended and therefore not possible.

If you are sure that your problems are caused by the batteries, then unfortunately, instead of replacing the AirPods batteries, you will have to invest in new headphones. The only exception: You are still under the manufacturer's warranty and have the chance to contact Apple.

Clean your headphones

It might sound ridiculous at first, but we've heard of many instances where a thorough cleaning of AirPods has made it sound like it was day one. Of course, you have to be careful when doing this, because the electronics are sensitive. We have put together instructions for proper cleaning and describe how to get the earbuds and speakers clean.

airpods reparieren Musik hören

How to prevent damage?

So that you don't get into the situation where an AirPods repair is necessary in the first place, you can prevent it with your behavior. In practice, follow our advice and avoid having to repair your AirPods.

  • Always keep the headphones in the charging case. There they are safely packed and protected from dirt and scratches. Positive side effect: You always know where they are.
  • Clean your in-ears regularly. Care extends the useful life. This also applies to Apple headphones. Take a little time to do a thorough cleaning at regular intervals.
  • Keep an eye on the battery. Make sure that you bring the charge level of the battery as far down as possible. Since AirPods batteries cannot be exchanged, this is particularly important.

What to do if AirPods cannot be repaired

If you weren't able to solve the existing problems with our suggestions, then of course you still have the way to a repair workshop. But given the costs involved and the uncertainty of whether you can actually be helped, you should think twice about it.

Here too we have to draw a comparison to a car or a bicycle. While a €100 repair always pays off there because the vehicle is much more expensive, you have to question the profitability of headphones.

Conclusion - Order individual Airpods from Oneearpod

Of course we now want to show you an alternative to a paid repair. The manufacturer does not intend for you to be able to buy individual components of a bundle. That means if your left AirPod is the 2nd Generation is defective, then you have to buy a complete set. This costs money and fortunately is not necessary.

You can buy AirPods individually from us and save a lot of money. We buy original bundles ourselves and disassemble them into their individual parts. Of course, this gives you the full manufacturer's guarantee, even if you only buy a spare part. You can also get the charging case from us as a spare part. We offer second and third generation devices as well as AirPods Pro.

Delivered quickly and free of charge

All of our products ship within 1 day and we do not charge for shipping. You only pay for the item you want. Since most customers only buy one product for a broken or lost part of their bundle, we've created an express checkout option for you. With one click you can jump directly to the purchase process and place your order.

Of course we hope you can fix your AirPods. If not, then we are at your disposal with our selection of spare parts. Help us avoid waste and conserve resources by only exchanging what is really necessary.

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