AirPods are loud differently - fix the problem

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Today we would like to address an issue with using the AirPods, which in most cases is not too much of a problem. If the AirPods are different in volume, this can have a variety of causes. The good news is that most of these are relatively easy to fix.

You've found that an AirPod is quieter? Then take a few minutes and try our tips to get this problem under control. You have a real chance of getting back to enjoying your music undisturbed if you set up your AirPods properly.

My AirPods are different loud - what could be the reason?

We have identified four different reasons why AirPods can make different noise levels. We now want to describe them individually and then, of course, also tell you how you can change the status so that both headphones run at the same volume again.

Faulty balance

Whether you set it up consciously or unconsciously, shifting the balance will result in different volumes being played on the left and right headphones. Because this can be intentional, you have the option of making this setting. At the same time, it is of course very annoying if you didn't actually want your AirPods to have a different volume. We'll explain later how to adjust the AirPods balance.

Headphones soiled

The more you use the earplugs, the more likely they are to get dirty. You should therefore always make sure to keep them in the charging case. There they are protected and at the same time the probability of losing a single AirPod decreases.

Problems with the software

The reason why your AirPods are different in volume can also be caused by the software. As you probably know, despite constant further development, so-called bugs that can lead to malfunctions keep creeping in. Again, you can set your AirPods correctly yourself to rule out this source of error.

The hardware is defective

If you have tested and ruled out all of the above causes, then your hardware is defective. The bad news is that you cannot repair the little headphones yourself. It is not possible to open the housing without destroying it. If the different AirPods volume is due to a hardware error, then you have no choice but to buy a replacement.

What to do if AirPods have different noise levels?

Now that we have given you the most common causes, in the next step we want to give you a short guide on how you can fix the reason why an AirPod is quieter.

Set the balance on the AirPods

If you want to check if the balance is set correctly, then follow these steps:

  1. Put both headphones in your ears and connect them to your iPhone.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Select the "Accessibility" menu item.
  4. Next you need to click on "Audio/Visual".
  5. Now slide the slider to adjust the AirPods balance. If you can get both headphones to be the same volume again, then you have successfully resolved the issue of one AirPod being quieter.

Clean AirPods properly

While it's a good idea to give your headphones a thorough cleaning on a regular basis, you should also do a cleaning whenever the AirPods vary in volume. Keep in mind that these are highly sensitive electronics and water and other liquids should therefore be used very sparingly. In these cleaning instructions, we have put together the best way to clean the individual components.

An update for the software

You probably do the regular updates of the software anyway. However, something can go wrong with this update or you missed an update.If the AirPod volume is different, you should always check whether you have the latest software version installed. This doesn't take long and can set the AirPods up properly again.

Request a repair

If you're still under the manufacturer's warranty, you can of course use it to get a repair at no cost to you. Out of warranty, if an AirPod is quieter, you can contact both the manufacturer and service providers for repairs. Find out about the costs beforehand and get a cost estimate. In most cases, the repair may not be economical.

AirPod is not repairable? We have replacements!

If you decide against a repair or if it is not possible because a single earphone is obviously badly damaged and the AirPods are therefore not loud enough, then you need a replacement. That sounds banal at first, after all you can buy spare parts for many items of daily use directly from the manufacturer or fall back on other comparable offers.

Unfortunately, Apple didn't allow you to buy individual parts of a bundle as spare parts. So you would have to buy a complete set, which is not only very expensive, but also anything but environmentally friendly. We can only advise against buying cheap headphones that are supposed to be compatible. The quality cannot match the originals and you will be disappointed. If you just want to replace the headphones that are quieter, then we offer you the solution.

AirPods unterschiedlich laut Entspannung

Individual spare parts delivered quickly

We wanted to offer a solution to all AirPods users who need a single component as a replacement part due to a defect or loss. That's why we buy original sets and dismantle them into their individual parts. So we can not only promise you the manufacturer's guarantee on all individual parts, but also that they are 100% compatible with your other parts.

We offer you charging case and headphones for the AirPods 2nd generation. generation, the 3rd generation and for the AirPods Pro. In our clearly arranged shop you can quickly click on the part you want to replace. Compared to buying a whole new set, you can save a lot of money and at the same time make a small contribution to avoiding waste.

We do not charge any shipping costs and only offer you spare parts that we have in stock. Because we ship within 24 hours of your purchase, you won't have to wait more than a few days to enjoy the sound comfort you're used to from your headphones. With a spare part from us, your AirPods will no longer have different noise levels.

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