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It's a terrible idea when suddenly only one headphone works. If it also says to you: Only one AirPod connects, it doesn’t have to mean anything bad in principle. That's why you should keep calm. We've put together a guide to follow if your left or right Airpod won't connect.

If you can't get the individual headphones to work again with our tips, then that's no reason to order a new set immediately. We offer you the opportunity to reorder AirPods. You can also find out how this works and what advantages you have in this article. But first you should check whether you really need a spare part or whether there is a simple problem that you can solve yourself.

What are the reasons for an Airpod not connecting?

If AirPods are not connecting, then this can have several reasons. It doesn't always mean a defect and forces you to reorder AirPods.

Here are the two most common reasons why a right or left AirPods won't connect. Of course, we will also tell you immediately how you can test it.

The battery is empty

Even though Apple always sells the headphones as a bundle, you have to look at each AirPod individually. Both have their own battery. So if you only use a single headphone, its battery will drain much faster. Sometimes a dead battery is the reason why AirPods won't connect.

Luckily, you can easily check that. Place both headphones in the charging case, which you should fully charge beforehand. Wait a few minutes to allow both batteries to charge. When you open the charging case again, the battery status will be displayed. Try to see if both AirPods are working again.

The Bluetooth connection is disrupted

The reason for the AirPods not connecting could also be a broken Bluetooth connection. To rule out this error, all you have to do is pair your headphones with the playback device again. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Take both AirPods out of the charging case.
  • Hold the setup button for a moment.
  • Hold it close to the device you want to connect it to and open the charging case lid.
  • As soon as the connection is established, you can try whether only one AirPod is connected and you can listen to music on both headphones as usual.

Still no improvement? Then you can reorder individual AirPods

If you did not solve the connection problem with our tips, you can order the right spare part from us. Of course, this is much cheaper than buying a completely new set. You can save a lot of money with this.

The environment also benefits if you decide on a spare part. After all, you don't have to throw away the functional components of your set. Less raw materials are used and waste is avoided. You should always keep this in mind if a left or right AirPod does not connect.

Of course there are other reasons why you can look around for a spare part. When only one AirPod connects, this is a common reason for it. But even if the following happens, we can supply you with the right spare part.

Nur ein Airpod verbindet sich Nachkaufen

Noise cancellation not working

You certainly made a conscious decision in favor of high-quality headphones and therefore bought AirPods. One benefit of these devices is noise cancellation. The disturbing background noises of your surroundings are specifically suppressed and you can enjoy the maximum sound experience.

If this function is no longer available to you, then your sound experience will be significantly reduced. If this is only the case on one headphone, you will find this very annoying. You should then look for a replacement for the defective headphones.

Crackling and cracking noises in Airpod

Even the best technology can develop malfunctions over time. Some users have described a crackling and crackling noise during use. If you notice this with your AirPods and the warranty has already expired, then you have to replace the defective headphones.

A repair does not make economic sense and is not offered by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, in this case, disposal cannot be avoided if you want to experience high-quality sound.

One Airpod – Buy individual Airpods

We want to take the opportunity to briefly introduce our company to you. With OneEarPod, we closed a gap that we felt was a major annoyance for all AirPods users. The manufacturer does not offer any spare parts. If you have lost headphones or your charging case, you cannot buy them individually in electronics stores. The same applies, of course, if part of your bundle is defective.

We found that so annoying and unnecessary from the point of view of sustainability. That's why we created our online shop. You can buy individual components of a bundle from us and thus replace the part that has been lost or broken. Only one AirPod connects? We deliver the right replacement. You can find out how to turn this into a complete set in our guide on pairing AirPods, which applies to all generations of Apple headphones.

Of course we only sell original parts and that's why you get the manufacturer's guarantee to the usual extent. We buy complete sets ourselves, disassemble them into individual parts, test all parts for their function and then deliver them to our customers. Ordering counterfeit spare parts is not an alternative.

Easily ordered, quickly delivered

We are aware that we don't have to take long to convince you of the product. That is why we have deliberately designed our shop to be clear. You will find headphones and charging cases for the Apple AirPods of the second and third generation. We also offer replacement parts for the AirPods Pro.

So that we can get your order on its way quickly, you have the option of paying by express checkout. Of course you can also order normally via the shopping cart. Our warehouse usually takes no more than 24 hours to pack and ship an order. So you only have to wait a few days if only one AirPod connects and you want to listen to music or podcasts in stereo again.

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