Apple AirPods defective: You have these options

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The small headphones from Apple are popular with many users of iPhone, iPad and Co. long since become standard equipment. They offer great sound and are known for their stable connection with the player. It is all the more annoying when Apple AirPods are defective and can no longer be used.

Today we want to give you a few tips on how to use it. How can you prevent your Apple AirPods Pro from becoming defective? We answer whether you can repair Apple AirPods. And last but not least, we show you how you can order replacements if your Apple AirPods should be defective.

How you treat your AirPods is important

Unfortunately, a defect after intensive use can never be completely ruled out. But you can still do something to make it as unlikely as possible. Since these are sensitive electronic devices, you should always handle them with care. This also means that you always keep them in the Charging Case. This protects them from dirt from the environment.

You should also regularly carry out a thorough and careful cleaning. You will primarily use a soft microfiber cloth for this. Wipe it gently over all surfaces. You can use a cotton swab to clean the speaker area. However, be careful not to dent the speaker cover.

In the case of stubborn dirt, you can rub some alcohol on the cotton swab or give the microfiber cloth. But keep in mind that no liquid should get into the headphones.

Apple Airpods Defekt Benutzung

What to do if Apple AirPods Pro are broken?

If you have found that your Apple AirPods Pro are defective, then you should first go through the following steps. This way you can make sure that the headphones are really broken and that the problem is not somewhere else.

  • Check whether the player, which is connected to your AirPods via Bluetooth, is nearby and interference with the transmission can be ruled out.
  • Check the operating system of your iPhone or iPad. Transmission errors can only be ruled out if the current version of the operating system is installed.
  • Use different sources for music or speech. In rare cases, a single app can trigger issues. Therefore, test with several applications whether your AirPods are faulty.

If you still cannot hear the sound in the usual quality after testing the three steps above, then unfortunately your Apple AirPods are defective. We will now tell you what you can do in this case.

Repair Apple AirPods

Unfortunately, Apple's small headphones cannot be easily repaired. Repairs that are offered for the manufacturer's larger players are not possible due to the size of the AirPods. Apart from problems during the warranty period, it therefore makes no sense to contact Apple Support about an AirPods defect.

You should also refrain from repairing the Apple AirPods yourself. The headphones are not intended to be opened, nor are individual components bought as original spare parts. With a very high probability, trying to repair Apple AirPods will not be successful.

Replace a defective AirPods

Since a repair is not possible, you have to buy a replacement if your Apple AirPods are defective. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer the purchase of a single AirPods. You are left with three different options. On the one hand, you can buy a new set of AirPods. You then have all new parts and also get a replacement if an Apple AirPods Pro charging case is defective. However, this is very expensive and you acquire significantly more parts than you actually need. Therefore, buying a new set is not recommended from both an ecological and economic point of view.

To save money and protect the environment, you can look for used AirPods if your headphones are broken. However, you don't know how the previous owner treated the devices. If in doubt, you will have the same problem shortly after purchasing the used headphones because the Apple AirPods Pro are defective again.

The third way to buy replacements is to order from a specialized retailer like OneEarPod. There you can get original AirPods as individual parts. You can save a lot of money and don't have to forgo the manufacturer's warranty.

Your partner for Apple AirPods replacement orders

Before we tell you what you can order from us, we want to tell you why we founded OneEarPod. We were and are enthusiastic users of the Apple AirPods and faced the same problem as you. A single AirPods or the Apple AirPods Pro charging case was defective or damaged. got lost. Apple Support couldn't help us with an AirPods defect and we had to decide between an expensive new purchase or a risky second-hand purchase.

Because we were sure that many loyal users felt the same way and will continue to do so in the future, we developed our business model. It relies on us buying complete sets, testing them, and then selling them to our customers as individual pieces. We offer the solution for everyone who wants to buy a single part. Even if the Apple AirPods Pro charging case is defective.

We deliver fast and free

Because we don't have to convince you of the Apple AirPods product, we have put our energy into a clear and customer-friendly shop. You should not only find the right spare parts quickly, but also receive them quickly. Our orders usually leave our warehouse within 24 hours. Our reliable shipping service providers ensure that your package is with you within a few days.

By the way, you don't have to pay shipping costs with us. We'll take care of that for you. You always only pay the price that is displayed for your spare part. So that it can be particularly quick, we have created an express checkout with several payment options. You too will probably be looking for a very specific spare part and will order this as a single item.

If your Apple AirPods are defective or you have lost a single part, you can get a replacement from us quickly and conveniently. In addition to the Apple AirPod Pro, we also carry the components of the AirPods sets of the second and third generation.

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