AirPod not working: why is it and what to do?

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When the AirPods stop working, it is a nasty surprise at first. So that you do not have to do without the music you are used to, you should tackle this problem quickly. We want to give you an overview of the reasons why an AirPod does not work. Because it is completely irrelevant whether your right AirPod is not working or your left AirPod is not working, our article can help you in both cases.

Maybe you can get your headphones working again with our tips. If not, we'll tell you at the end how you can quickly find an original replacement. And by that we don't mean buying a new set of AirPods. With us you also get a single AirPod in case your current headphones really need to be replaced.

Why does an AirPod stop working?

At this point we have to make one thing clear. Of course, we cannot repair any device remotely, nor can we instruct you on how to do it. In most cases, an AirPod not working means that it cannot be used as intended. We are happy to give you instructions for the most common problems when setting up your AidPods. So you know what to do if an AirPod isn't working.

The stereo balance is out of place

If you have adjusted the balance, then in extreme cases you can only have directed the sound to the left or right AirPod. So you could assume the left AirPod isn't working, but the right one is. In the settings you can check how the balance fader is set. For optimal sound, it should always be positioned in the middle between the two headphones.

There was a connection problem

It can never be ruled out that the Bluetooth connection is not working. This can also impact a single AirPods not working. If this is indeed the case, you can easily fix it. Simply interrupt the Bluetooth connection and after a short moment control the AirPods again via Bluetooth.

Contamination can be the problem

Before ordering a replacement, you should thoroughly clean the old AirPods. In rare cases, this resolves the issue and both headphones work again. In any case, you should make this small effort.

What to do if an AirPod doesn't work?

If you find that the left AirPod or the right one isn't working, then you should definitely go through the following steps. In a relatively short amount of time, you can find out whether you need a replacement or whether there was another problem.

Step 1: Restart your player

The fault does not have to be with your AirPods if they no longer work. You can easily test this by restarting your iPhone, iPod or iPad. A new connection to the AirPods will then be established and the problem may be resolved.

Step 2: Reset the AirPods

You probably know that from other electronic devices. If these no longer work as they should, then reset them to the factory settings. You can also do this with your AirPods and then reconnect them to your player using our instructions.

Step 3: Check the firmware

There may have been a firmware update. These regular updates fix known bugs and could help you get hearing out of both ears again. It is therefore advisable to always install firmware updates at short notice.

Step 4: Test the charging ports

Maybe the problem is also with your charging case. You should therefore check the connections for charging. If an AirPod does not charge, then it cannot function either. In this case, you have to take care of a new charging case, with the help of which both AirPods can then be charged and used again.

Order replacement AirPods from OneEarPod

If you've followed all of our advice and an AirPod still doesn't work, then you need to get a replacement. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer the individual components of a set as spare parts. You can therefore only purchase a completely new set from an electronics retailer. At the current new price, of course.

We were annoyed about that ourselves and that's where the idea for OneEarPod came from. We felt there were very good reasons why you should only be able to buy a left or right AirPod individually.

  • It's a lot more sustainable. Resources are saved.
  • We avoid waste by throwing away non-functional parts.
  • You save money because a single pair of headphones costs a lot less than a set.

You can get spare parts for different generations of AirPods from us

We buy original sets and split them up. Of course not without first testing the function of the components. Of course you also get the manufacturer's guarantee, because it is an original new product. We have based our offer on demand. That's why we offer AirPods 2nd and 3rd generation as well as the AirPods Pro in parts.

We can react flexibly to the current demand. Even an accumulation of orders, which we often notice at the weekend, is not a problem for us. We know you don't want to wait long for a replacement. We wouldn't want that either, but would rather listen to music and podcasts as usual or make calls using the headphones.

Easily ordered and delivered quickly

We deliberately designed our online shop to be very clear. After all, since you are looking for a spare part, you know exactly what you want.

An AirPod isn't working and we have a replacement for you. You can jump to checkout directly from a product page. PayPal, Google Pay and shop Pay are available for an express check-out. If you need additional spare parts, you can of course go to the shopping cart and complete your purchase in the classic way.

The shipping costs are always included in the price. You always only pay the item price that is displayed to you. But that does not mean that we save on shipping. As a rule, all orders leave our warehouse within one day. So it will only be a few days before you get your hands on the replacement AirPod that has stopped working.

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