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Losing a valuable or popular item is very annoying. This also applies if you lose an AirPod. Don't worry, you're far from the only one who has had this mishap. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that people are faced with the question: what to do if you lose an AirPod?

With this article, we want to give you the opportunity to find your AirPod again. Fortunately, Apple has a feature that can help you with your search. We'll tell you later how you can use this help and what else you can do if you can't find your AirPods.

What to do if you lost an AirPod?

Of course, your ultimate goal will be to find a lost AirPod. The first thing you should do if you lose an AirPod is to think about when and where you last used or saw it. This can be an important clue as to where you lost it.

Where do you usually put your headphones when you're not using them? That should be the first place you should look for a lost AirPod. With a bit of luck you can find it right there with little effort, because it just fell out of the Charging Case.

If you are unsuccessful with this manual search, you have the option of using Apple's technical search. This can show you where your AirPod is or where it is located. ensure that this is indicated by an acoustic signal.

The "Where is?" function can help you with your search

Apple has also recognized that the AirPods can be lost quickly due to their size. That's why the Find My feature was created to help locate a lost AirPod.

In order to claim it, you must first activate this valuable feature. It's not a default setting. You can do the activation in a few simple steps.

  1. Open the settings app on your player.
  2. First select your name and then "Where is?"
  3. Click Find My Device, then turn on Find My Device.
  4. Now all you have to do is activate the "Where is?" network.

Once you've made these settings, the first step going forward when you lose an AirPod is to use the Find My search.

Search for the location of your AirPod

First, let's explain how to view the location if you want to find a lost AirPod. This is very convenient. If your AirPods are still connected to the player via Bluetooth or WLAN, you will see the current location. If there is no longer a connection, the last location is displayed.

Both location details we give an indication of what to do if you lost an AirPod. They limit the search radius and you may find out that you lost the AirPod when visiting a friend and don't have to search at home.

Step by step to the location

We recommend updating to the latest version of your operating system first. Once you have gone through this, please open the Find My app.

Next you need to select the "Devices" tab. Here you need to select your AirPods that you lost.

For each device, either the location where it is or was last located is displayed. If no data is available, you will get the message "No location found".

Your AirPods may make themselves felt

There is another service from Apple that can help you with what to do if I lost an AirPod. This does not show you where your AirPod is, but ensures that it makes itself known with an acoustic signal.

This is a great help, especially if you didn't find what you were looking for at the last location. Before you start looking for a lost AirPod in every corner of the sofa, you can hear where it is.

Instructions for sound alerts when AirPod is lost

You should first check whether you have installed the current version of the operating system. If so, open the Find My application.

Then select "Devices" and click on your AirPods from the list. All you have to do now is click "Play Sound" and your AirPods will start playing a signal.

Over time, the audio will get louder, increasing your chances of recovering a lost AirPod. Since the audio stops playing after two minutes, you may have to repeat the process until you find what you're looking for.

Einen AirPod verloren Bushaltestelle

One AirPod lost or damaged: order a replacement

While the Find My feature has helped many people who have had to say "I lost an AirPod" find it again, it's not a guarantee. Unfortunately, there are also many cases where everything has been done to find an Airpod, but the efforts have been unsuccessful.

Thankfully, that doesn't mean you have to buy a new pair of AirPods right away. You also have the option of ordering individual parts of the set as spare parts. For example with us from OneEarPod. You can save a lot of money and do something for the environment. Replacing only defective or lost components saves resources and is good for the environment.

Lost an AirPod? We deliver replacements.

You can get spare parts for different generations of AirPods from us. You can get a left AirPod Pro as well as a right AirPod of the second generation. Our online shop is clearly laid out so that you can quickly find the right part. The shipping costs are always included in the price and we have given you the opportunity to complete your purchase particularly quickly with an express check-out.

All the parts we sell are original and of course you get the manufacturer's guarantee. As annoying as it is when you lose an AirPod, we will deliver the right replacement part to you within a few days. Because we too have faced the problem of what to do if you lose an AirPod. This challenge gave rise to the idea for OneEarPod.

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