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The size of the Apple AirPods is very convenient for the user. They can be easily stowed in a jacket pocket or purse. Unfortunately, their size is also the reason why individual headphones or even a whole bundle can't be found again and again. If you too are facing the challenge of finding AirPods right now, then by all means read on.

We'll tell you what tools are available to locate your AirPods and how you can use these functions. For this, however, it is necessary that you have made a setting after the purchase or before the loss. If, despite all your efforts, you have lost your AirPods, we will tell you where you can reorder individual parts as replacements.

This is how you can find your AirPods!

The smaller the item, the more difficult it is to search if lost. Unfortunately, Apple's AirPods are very small and so they often get lost.

Fortunately, the developers of the earplugs took this into account and installed a technical option for locating AirPods. If you have lost one or both AirPods, you can use two different search methods.

Frau hält AirPods in der Hand

Requirements for the search

In order for you to find your headphones, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must have the Find My iPhone service enabled.
  • A search is only possible if the headphones are not in the charging case.
  • The devices must be within range of your iPhone and connected via Bluetooth.
  • You must have an iCloud account.

You can only locate your AirPods and have them displayed on a map if the above points are met. In all other cases, you can only view the last location where the earplugs were used.

Find AirPods on a map

The first search method you should use is always to search on a map. Since you probably won't be sure where you lost your AirPods, you can use them to display either the current location or at least the last location.

If you forgot your headphones at a friend's or at school, you will find out very quickly using the map search. In the first step, you can use it to narrow down the location of the AirPods search. If you don't find what you're looking for there, you can use the second method to find AirPods.

Find AirPods using a sound

If your AirPods are active, you can control them using the Find My iPhone feature. A beep will then play for a period of two minutes, increasing in volume. So you should also find the headphones in the sofa crack or under the bedside table.

If you haven't found what you're looking for in two minutes, you can of course repeat the signal tone as often as you like. Even if you only found the left or right AirPod at first, you can start the beep again.

Turn on notifications about forgotten AirPods

The crucial requirement is that you have enabled the search for lost AirPods. You can also use Apple's "Where is?" app for this, which you can also install. With this app you can view the current or show the last location of your Apple devices.

Not only does this help when looking for AirPods, but also if you misplaced your iPod or iPad. If you have not yet activated this search function, then you should do so immediately and make all your Apple devices traceable.

Reasons why the search might be unsuccessful

If the headphones' battery is empty, you won't be able to locate them. When they are in their Charging Case, the AirPods will not send a location signal. Housed in the place intended for storage, the earbuds think everything is fine. Unfortunately, Apple has not planned to locate the charging case.

If they are out of Bluetooth range, then AirPods cannot be searched via the map. You can therefore not rely on being able to locate the lost headphones anywhere and anytime.

Lost a single AirPod? OneEarPod can help!

If you were unsuccessful in your search, then you probably want a replacement for your high-quality headphones as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not plan for individual components of the set to be lost or defective.That's why you can't just buy a left or right AirPod as a separate part.

This is where we come in, because the idea behind OneEarPod is that of course you only have to replace the components that are broken or lost. That's why we offer you both the headphones and the charging case as spare parts for the various models.

Save money and do good

You will probably be won over by the potential savings of buying a pair of replacement headphones. But that should not be the only reason why you decide against buying a new bundle.

If you only replace the part of your set that can no longer be found or is defective, then this saves a lot of resources and avoids waste. All parts that are still available to you do not have to be disposed of, but continue to do their job. We have put together simple instructions on how to connect our spare parts with the other components.

We only have original parts

In order to be able to listen to music or participate in video conferences in the usual quality, you should not get a cheap replacement. We purchase entire sets ourselves and then disassemble them into the individual components. That's why you also get the usual manufacturer's guarantee from us.

Our processes are clearly structured, just like our online shop. That's why your order will be shipped within 24 hours and you only have to wait a few days until you can enjoy the usual sound of your AirPods in both ears again. So if you couldn't find your AirPods, we're happy to send you a replacement. Fast, convenient and with a significant price advantage compared to buying a new bundle. And the environment wins too. It doesn't need more arguments, does it?

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