AirPod Pro crackling and rustling? Here's what you can do about it!

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Today we want to deal with a problem that mainly occurs with the AirPods Pro. These have often been reported to have a noise. Most of those affected say that their AirPods Pro crackle and therefore the usual sound is not possible.

If you're also affected by this issue, here's what you can do about it. There are a few simple things you can try for yourself when your AirPods Pro are crackling. If that doesn't fix the problem and you're already out of warranty, you'll also find out at the end how you can purchase a single replacement part for your headphones.

AirPods Pro crackling? That could be the reason

Unfortunately, there isn't just one reason why you're experiencing crackling noise on the AirPods Pro. That’s why we want to be the first to introduce you to the most common causes of AirPods Pro crackling when you move. The order does not reflect the frequency, because there are no reliable numbers.

Noise cancellation issues

The noise canceling of the headphones sets them apart from other earbuds. At the same time, this can also be responsible for the AirPod Pro crackling. This is the case, for example, when the microphones that pick up ambient noise are dirty. As a result, the headphones can no longer decide with certainty which sounds are important to the user and should be sent to the ear and which are not.

Bluetooth connection problem

Even if you're used to carrying your earbuds around the house, you should make sure that you have a stable Bluetooth connection. If an AirPod Pro crackles, it may be because the player is too far away from you.

Outdated firmware

Another cause of crackling on AirPods Pro can be outdated software on the player. Therefore you should check the firmware version of all devices that you have connected to the headphones.

AirPod Pro knistern Case

How to fix AirPods Pro crackling

To solve the AirPods Pro crackling problems, you have to follow a few simple steps. We have written a small guide to solving the problem for each of the causes mentioned above. In a few minutes you can use it to find out whether your AirPods Pro continue to crackle when you move them or not.

Clean the headphones

To fix noise canceling issues, you need to clean the earbud microphones. You have to be careful when doing this because it is a sensitive technique. Find a clean and well-lit work environment and only use cleaning products that we have recommended in our detailed cleaning guide.

Check Bluetooth connection

To check possible problems with the connection to the player, you should interrupt the Bluetooth connection once. Then place the device in close proximity to your headphones and reconnect. Because it will be stable now, you can find out if that caused the AirPod Pro crackling.

Perform a software update

So that the crackling of the AirPod Pro cannot be attributed to outdated firmware, you should update the operating software on the iPad, iPhone or iPod. This only takes a few minutes and ensures that all known problems are eliminated by the new software.

What can you do if your AirPods Pro are still crackling

Unfortunately, the above measures do not always lead to the crackling of the AirPod Pro being eliminated. This means that you have to find a replacement because repairing the headphones rarely makes economic sense.

So first check whether you are still under the manufacturer's warranty. If so, then contact Apple and ask them to repair or replace the defective device. If the warranty period has already expired, you must provide a replacement yourself. Unfortunately, Apple does not offer individual components of the bundle as replacements. We already do.

Order AirPods Pro replacement now

We faced the problem ourselves some time ago that there were no individual components available as spare parts. Since we didn't want to use counterfeit headphones from the Far East, the only option was to buy a new bundle. We found this unacceptable for several reasons.

  • Costs: A new bundle is very expensive and therefore annoying if you only have to replace one headphone.
  • Sustainability: Buying an entire set because one headphone broke and disappeared consumes unnecessary resources and creates additional waste that we wish we could have done without.

We didn't want to accept this situation and that's why we founded OneEarPod. You can benefit from it today and order from us. What do we offer you specifically?

Individual replacement parts when the AirPod Pro crackles

You can order original spare parts from us. Of course, you also have the usual manufacturer's guarantee and can contact Apple directly if you have problems with the parts you have purchased from us.

We buy complete sets ourselves and disassemble them into their individual parts. To save you unnecessary hassle, we test all components before we ship them to you. With us, you only have to buy the headphones or the charging case that causes problems. So if your left AirPods Pro crackles when you move it, just reorder this one part.

You can quickly find the product you are looking for in our clearly arranged online shop. Because we do not charge shipping costs, the price shown is also your final price. Thanks to lean processes, we ship all items within 24 hours of receipt of the order. So you don't have to wait long for your spare part before you can make a set with the parts you have and listen to music again in the quality you are used to.

In our range you will not only find spare parts for the AirPods Pro. We also offer left and right headphones and the right charging case for devices of the second and third AirPod generation. In our step-by-step instructions, we will tell you how to combine these with the existing parts into a bundle. This ensures that with our replacement part you will have a complete set of Apple AirPods again in minutes.

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