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Many people like to use their AirPods intensively. Unfortunately, many of them face the problem of needing AirPod replacement at another time. Be it through loss or a defect. Whenever only a single AirPod needs to be replaced, you can't just go to the nearest electronics store and buy a replacement AirPod there.

To anticipate the good news. Lost an AirPod and need a replacement? Then you don't have to buy a new pair. We'll tell you why you can buy individual components of the AirPod set at OneEarPod.

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Why do people need AirPod replacements?

We tried to compile a list of the most common reasons for buying a single AirPod. Unfortunately, there is no scientific data on this, but we asked some of our customers what brought them to us. These have been the most common answers.

AirPod was lost: As practical as the size is in everyday life. It is also the reason why many people lose a single piece of their set along the way.

Individual AirPod is defective: Even if you use both AirPods equally, it often happens that only the left or the right headphone no longer works.

Sound is disturbed: Because the AirPods are known for their very good sound, one does not want to accept a limitation, for example through noise. Again, this is a common reason to buy a replacement AirPod.

Why did we start OneEarPod?

Our offer came about because we ourselves faced the problem that we now want to solve for you. As enthusiastic users of the headphones, we too lost an AirPod and needed a replacement. We had to realize that you cannot buy a replacement AirPod directly from the manufacturer and therefore also from specialist retailers.

From our point of view, this results in unnecessarily high costs because you always have to buy a complete set. In addition, it is anything but sustainable and environmentally friendly. Quite the opposite. We were forced to include a left AirPod even though only the right AirPod was missing or broken. From our point of view, this is no longer up-to-date and we decided to develop a solution.

AirPod replacement is a matter of course for us

You can buy the individual parts of an AirPod set separately from us. You lost your right AirPod, we have a replacement. Your left AirPod is broken? Order a new one from us. You can also order the charging case from us as an individual part and save a lot of money and waste.

You always get original parts from us. We buy sets and then offer the parts as individual parts after extensive testing. Because the product is new from the manufacturer, you also get the usual manufacturer's guarantee and don't have to worry about a defect at first.

How much does a replacement AirPod cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot give a general answer to this question. Namely, it depends on what kind of replacement AirPod you want to buy. Of course we have devices of the 2nd and 3. Generation and the AirPod Pro on offer. There are small differences in price.

One thing is for sure. If you only need to buy a replacement AirPod, you will definitely save a lot of money compared to buying a complete set. And because we ship all our products free of charge, you will not have to pay any additional costs apart from the purchase price.

What you can order from us

As already mentioned, our online shop offers you left AirPods and right AirPods as well as charging cases. You can choose from the following models of devices.

AirPod replacement for the 2nd generation Generation

This is the most tried and tested AirPods model, which is also a bit cheaper. Therefore, the answer to the question "How much does a replacement AirPod 2nd Gen cost?" Generation?” Definitely: Less than the other models.

But you also get a somewhat weaker model with a playback time of up to 5 hours.

3. Generation AirPod replacement

The 3rd Generation has some technical innovations compared to its predecessor. It supports the so-called 3D audio, which enables a dynamic music experience. Also the headphones of the 3. Generation equipped with both sweat protection and water protection.

The usage time is up to 6 hours on one charge. Together with the energy from the charging case, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of music or podcasts.

Parts for the AirPod Pro

The biggest innovation of the AirPod Pro compared to all other models is noise canceling. It is an active noise cancellation that completely seals you off from the outside world. Disturbing background noises are a thing of the past. However, you are free to disable this feature and use AirPod Pro in transparency mode.

The running time on one charge is up to 4.5 hours and up to 24 hours with maximum use of the energy storage in the charging case. Charging is very fast. To listen to 1 hour of music, you only need to charge for 5 minutes.

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We deliver quickly and reliably

What distinguishes us from many other online shops is that we focus on just a few products. That's why our shop is very clearly laid out so that you can quickly find the right AirPod replacement for you.

We have also made the ordering process as simple as possible. Since most customers only order a single product, our Express Checkout for PayPal, Google Pay and shopPay is very popular. But you can also work with the shopping cart as usual and collect the selected products in it before you go to the checkout.

Our orders typically ship within 24 hours, so you'll never have to wait more than a few days for your AirPod replacement. You can find out how to connect them to your devices in this short instruction. What are you waiting for? Need a replacement quickly because you lost your AirPod? With us you can save a lot of money, conserve resources and help the environment. Find the missing piece to your set and soon be enjoying music with the best sound again. OneEarPod helps everyone who is looking for an AirPod replacement and doesn't want to buy a new pair.


Vertrauen Sie auf Qualität. Bei uns erhalten Sie die originalen AirPods von Apple, garantiert. Seien Sie vorsichtig bei Plattformen oder unseriösen Anbietern - oft ist dies nicht der Fall. Gerne können Sie sich die Originalität der AirPods von einem Apple Store jederzeit bestätigen lassen. Wenn Sie nicht überzeugt sind, gehen die Rücksendekosten auf uns!


Bei uns erhalten Sie ausschließlich neue und noch nie bentuzte AirPods, garantiert. Unsere AirPods kommen aus versiegelten Originalboxen. Viele Anbieter im Internet verkaufen leider "refurbished" AirPods als neu - das ist nicht nur unseriös, aber auch sehr unhygienisch. Sollten Sie aus irgendeinem Grund nicht überzeugt sein, dass Ihre Sendung komplett neu ist, gehen die Rücksendekosten auf uns!


Unsere Apple Ersatz AirPods sind koppelbar mit Ihrem existierenden Set, garantiert. Sofern Sie die passende Generation der AirPods bestellen, wird auch die Kopplung klappen. Zur erfolgreichen Kopplung senden wir eine Anleitung bei jeder Sendung mit und haben ein Video zur Verfügung gestellt. Sollte die Kopplung aus
irgendeinem Grund doch nicht klappen, dann gehen die Rücksendekosten auf uns!