Changing the AirPods Pro rubber: You have to pay attention to this

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For many satisfied users, the perfect fit of their AirPods Pro is the reason they use them extensively. The AirPods Pro silicone tips are the key to being able to wear the headphones for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid having to change the AirPods Pro rubber. With increasing stress through use, it can happen that the material tears. Fortunately, you can order replacement parts today and changing the AirPods Pro tips is not a big deal either. We will give you step-by-step instructions to change the AirPods Pro attachments.

Find matching AirPods Pro rubber attachments

The good news first. Just because you need new rubber tips for your headphones doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money. They are now available and can be ordered directly from Apple as a replacement part. This wasn't always the case, as it took Apple a while to realize that it was a consumable part.

Even if you have always stored your headphones correctly in the AirPods Pro charging case, wear and tear cannot be prevented. In the first few years after market launch, there was only one way to get a replacement. You should have contacted the manufacturer's support to have them send you new silicone tips for a fee.

Today you can order the rubber attachments directly in the online shop and they will be delivered to you within a few days. If you still choose the customer service route, you may save money by doing so. There have been several reports of customers getting a cheaper price for their spare parts this way.

Don't skimp on the plugs

Of course, there are also many counterfeit products that can be ordered online. We can only advise you against this. And that's not because we only sell original replacement parts for different generations of AirPods in our online shop.

If you buy cheap imitations, you can't be sure if they really fit. This can make it more difficult to change the AirPods Pro earplugs and affect the wearing comfort. The composition of the plugs is certainly not the same as the originals.

Fit test for AirPods Pro silicone tips

If you're new to AirPods Pro and wondering what size earbud is right for you, you have two options. Either you try it by changing AirPods Pro attachments several times or you do the following Test developed by Apple to determine the optimal size of the silicone tips.

  • Go to the Bluetooth connection in your iPhone's settings.
  • Press the small "i" next to the AirPods Pro there.
  • Next, select the test and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If the test suggests a different size, repeat it after changing AirPods Pro silicone tips.

Because a person's ears change very slowly, you will most likely wear the earplugs determined in this way for a very long time. If you have to change the AirPods Pro attachments, then you know which size is the right one for the future.

AirPods Pro Gummi Wechseln Beispiel

Change AirPods Pro rubber

If you ordered a replacement from the manufacturer, all you have to do is change the AirPods Pro rubber. We have put together precise instructions for you. If you follow these, you will be able to use your headphones as usual within minutes.

  1. First you have to remove the old silicone tips. Grasp the bottom of the ear tip where it connects to the headphones.
  2. Now pull firmly on the ear tips to detach them from the headphones. Because this connection is very tight, you have to pull really hard.
  3. Now line up the new AirPods Pro rubber tips. Two small bulges on the sides of the AirPods help you with this. This is what you need to align the eartip with.
  4. Take the attachment and push it down evenly. You'll clearly hear a click when you've made a firm connection.

What AirPods Pro attachments are there?

Apple offers three different sizes of AirPods Pro silicone tips. Each pack contains attachments in sizes S, M and L. If you're lucky, we fit two sizes and you can change the AirPods Pro tips to a different size if needed.

Under no circumstances should the headphones press, because then the sound will be affected and you won't be able to fully enjoy the music. For a perfect fit, the buds should be easy to remove, but still seal off your ear from the outside world.

Since size M fits most people, you should try this one first. If the headphones are too loose, change to size L. If they pinch and you feel uncomfortable wearing them, downsize from S.

What's the point of changing AirPods Pro straps?

There are both economic and sustainable aspects. The fact is that you cannot use the headphones well with defective silicone tips. Buying replacement earplugs is of course much cheaper than buying a new bundle. If you want to save even more, you can think about ordering replacements several times and thereby saving on shipping costs.

The environment also benefits when you extend the life of your headphones by purchasing replacement parts. Less waste is produced and fewer raw materials have to be used.


We think that we should all do our part to protect our environment. With the purchase of AirPods Pro, you have opted for a high-quality product with a long service life. Because it can happen that you need a replacement for a single component of the set due to loss or a defect, we have developed our offer.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer you any AirPods Pro rubbers to change. But you will find all the components of a bundle with us as spare parts. For example, if you need a single left AirPod Pro, we can send it to you within a few days. Because we only have original parts, you will of course also get the manufacturer's guarantee to the usual extent. OneEarPod makes sure you get more out of your AirPods Pro.

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