Can you buy an AirPod?

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Since AirPods are particularly high-quality headphones, they also cost a corresponding amount. It is all the more annoying when you lose a single AirPod or it is defective outside the warranty period. Ideally, you can then buy a single AirPod. But is it really that simple?

We will show you the various options for buying headphones or an AirPod case. You can then decide for yourself which alternative you want to choose so that you can listen to music as usual or follow a podcast.

What are the reasons for buying a spare part?

The reasons why people look for a replacement part when they lose or break the left or right AirPod are different. Quite banally, many are concerned with the costs. It is significantly cheaper if you only have to buy the defective or lost part and not a complete bundle.

But sustainability is also important to many people and that's why they don't want to replace parts that are actually still functional. Instead of throwing away several components of a set even though they work, selective purchasing produces as little waste as possible.

In addition to avoiding waste, of course, as few resources as possible are used if you can buy an AirPod later.

Buy AirPod: These options are available

If, regardless of your motivation, you have decided to buy a spare part for your AirPods, then we want to answer the question of where you can buy a replacement AirPod. You have different options for this.

The manufacturer Apple now offers the option of purchasing individual AirPods. You can also contact a retailer who specializes in individual components. The third option would be to look for used AirPods yourself and put together a working set yourself.

In the following we would like to introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of the various options for buying AirPods.

Source for your spare part



Replacement part from Apple

Original parts with guarantee

You must present the original invoice

Classifieds Markets

You could get a real bargain.

The search can take a long time and you have to assess the condition of the AirPods yourself.

Order from OneEarPod

Original parts with guarantee.

Fast delivery


Buy AirPod from Apple

Apple recognizes that unfortunately it can happen that a single AirPod breaks or gets lost. That's why you offer the Customer Service to purchase individual components. You can buy both the AirPods and an AirPod Pro charging case.

However, the road to the new AirPod is a bit rocky. You can't just go to an Apple Store or order a spare part online. If you want to buy an AirPod directly from Apple, you must first submit a request to customer service. You must prove that you own AirPods by uploading the invoice. This is the condition for you to be able to get a replacement.

Apple is also not the fastest option in terms of processing time, due to the fact that each request has to be checked individually.

Buy used AirPods

Another way you can buy an AirPod case or AirPods is through classified ads. Maybe you can find a provider near you whose set has the other AirPod defective. Since you can combine different AirPods into one set, you might be able to get a bargain.

It may take a long time before you find an offer that is close to you and offers the right price. But you'll never know how the previous owner treated their AirPods. You cannot assert claims from a guarantee or warranty against a private seller. In the worst case, you will have to buy another AirPod a short time later.

AirPod nachkaufen gebraucht

Order AirPod replacement from OneEarPod

Let's get to a safe, fast and convenient way to buy an AirPod Pro case or other parts. We offer you the different models of AirPod headphones and charging case as original spare parts. It is always a tested new product, which is why you also get the manufacturer's guarantee.

We buy complete sets, check the function of the individual parts and then offer them for sale individually. With us you don't have to present an invoice so that you can buy an AirPod. With us you can proceed directly to the order.

From user to seller

We've seen for ourselves how difficult it is to get replacement AirPods. We asked ourselves why can't you just buy an AirPod and then we set about developing OneEarPod.

It was important to us that our online shop is clearly structured. That's why we only included a few categories in it. You can order individual parts from us for AirPods of the second and third generation as well as for the AirPods Pro.

We deliver fast and free

We cover the shipping costs for every order. You always only pay the price for the item. We almost always manage to get it shipped within one day. You don't have to wait more than a few days if you want to buy an AirPod Pro case.

From our point of view, time is an important factor when it comes to being able to use the beloved AirPods again. That's why we only considered shipping from Germany. When choosing the shipping service provider, we also made sure that they get our orders to their destination as quickly and safely as possible.

Order with just a few clicks

Because we know that you probably only want to buy a single part for your AirPods, we have included the option to buy it now. You can not only put each item in the shopping cart, but also jump directly to the checkout. There you have three payment methods to choose from: PayPal, Google Pay and shop pay, all of which are very fast and secure.

Have a look around our online shop and find all the parts for the different generations of AirPods. You always get original parts from us, which we send to you securely packaged. With our instructions for pairing the AirPods, you can then connect them to the rest of your set and start listening to music again immediately.

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