Connecting a new AirPod - A guide

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Regardless of why you got a new set of headphones for your AirPods, of course you want to connect that new AirPod right away. Otherwise you won't be able to listen to music, follow podcasts or make a phone call in the best quality and with both ears as usual.

Fortunately, it's not very difficult to connect a spare part to the rest of your bundle. We'll go through all the necessary steps with you step by step so that you can enjoy the sound you are used to.

Connect new single AirPod

By the way, the procedure for a replacement AirPod is no different from the steps you have to go through when pairing the AirPod with a new device. So you probably already know the process, but we still want to document it for you again.

Before we start, one more tip. Pairing AirPods is a good opportunity to double check that you have the latest firmware installed. This is the guarantee that your headphones will run without problems because the software is constantly being optimized and further developed.

So it's best to check the software on your playback device before you want to connect a new AirPod and run an update if necessary.

Connect new AirPod in 5 steps

To pair your replacement AirPod, you must go through the following five steps in order. Keep the order and make sure to follow the instructions exactly.

  1. Open the lid of the charging case. Both headphones must be in it.
  2. Press the button on the back of the charging case and hold it down for a moment.
  3. You can stop squeezing when the small LED light between the two AirPods in the charging case starts to glow.
  4. Hold your iPhone or iPad close to the headphones. A window should open automatically in which you have to press Connect.
  5. If the AirPod pairing worked, all you have to do is press "done". From this moment on, your AirPods will always connect automatically as soon as they are taken out of the Charging Case.

What to do if AirPod won't connect?

Unfortunately, AirPods may not connect despite following the instructions. This can be due to several problems that you can gradually rule out.

Check Bluetooth connection

A common cause of a failed pairing is problems with the Bluetooth connection. Therefore, check whether Bluetooth is activated. Also, if possible, try to turn off or move out of range all other devices that also communicate via Bluetooth.

Software version

If you have not yet followed our tip above, you should definitely check the software and update it. This can also affect whether you can pair AirPods with each other. Especially if the purchase of a replacement AirPod involves headphones from different production series.

Fortunately there are spare parts

Up until now, it wasn't that easy to complete a bundle again. The manufacturer did not intend that you can buy a replacement. Here are the reasons why you need a replacement AirPod.

Due to their size, it's not uncommon for a single pair of headphones to go missing. If you don't get it back using the find function, you need a replacement. The same applies if only the left or right headphone is defective. It doesn't even have to be a complete defect. It's enough if one of the headphones is so noisy that you don't want to listen to music anymore.

Frau neuen airpod verbinden

What are the advantages of buying a spare part?

From your point of view, what is probably particularly noteworthy is the large savings that you can achieve by buying individual components compared to a complete new set. Because original parts always ensure that you can connect a new AirPod , there is no reason to forgo this saving.

At the same time, you save our environment and society from unnecessary waste. Raw materials are not available in infinite quantities and the disposal of discarded electronic devices is also a challenge. Even if it's just small headphones, we should all try to only replace the parts that really need to be replaced.

Where can you get a replacement AirPod?

For example with us. Because some time ago we faced the problem that we couldn't get a replacement. That's why we decided to offer a spare parts service for all satisfied AirPods users. That's why we buy complete bundles, break them down into their individual components and offer them for sale. Of course, we only have original parts, which is why we can give you the usual manufacturer's guarantee.

If you're looking to replace a single pair of headphones, then by no means should you buy a counterfeit product, even though the prices are of course very tempting. You have no certainty that you can connect such a new AirPod. Our products ensure that you can pair the AirPods.

Fast delivery and free shipping

Thanks to our stock, we can ship your order within 24 hours. Our reliable shipping partners ensure that your order gets to you within a few days. You will not incur any costs, because all of our products have free shipping.

You will quickly find your way around our online shop. We deliberately structured it simply because we don't have to convince you of a product. After all, you know exactly which spare part you are looking for. You can get the remaining parts for the second and third generation AirPods and for the AirPods Pro from us.

Conclusion - That's why you should order from us

You want to be able to listen to music in both ears again, then you need a replacement quickly. We ensure fast delivery and because you get genuine Apple parts with us, you won't have any trouble connecting a new AirPod. Thanks to the manufacturer's guarantee to the usual extent, you don't have to worry about problems of any kind occurring shortly after purchase.

You can save a significant amount of money by choosing to purchase a replacement AirPod while helping prevent avoidable waste and conserving resources. When you order from us, you are not only doing yourself and your music enjoyment something good.

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